Candle set Other Sisters

WOOD MOOD easily creates a cozy atmosphere right on the table.
This set of three different candles (Rocky, Silky, Ubud) of small size will impress both as a gift, and as an independent subject of a decor. Each candle is unique and will be different from each other. All candles have a cork layer to protect furniture from scratches. In a set of 3 candles size S, all about 11 cm tall.

For the production of WOOD MOOD candles we use only the best and natural - selected wood, real wax from the best beekeepers and high-quality essential oils from around the world.
This is not an aromatic candle, but an interior one, so the aroma will be light and unobtrusive. Each candle is created by hand and undergoes thorough quality control. Therefore, it literally does not want to let go. And such a candle will be the perfect gift, we promise!
Special candle matches WOOD MOOD as a gift for a good mood.

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Each of our candles is unique, so it will be slightly different in color and shape from what you see on the screen.
Candles with a wooden wick on first use may initially have a weak flame until the wick has warmed up. In 10-30 minutes the flame stabilizes and you will not have to wait for re-ignition.
Our product is, first of all, a natural tree that "breathes". Over time, it may appear cracks or change the structure of the bark. This does not affect the performance of the candle, but, on the contrary, emphasizes its naturalness. The shrinkage process itself depends on the temperature and humidity in the room.

Wood: maple

Composition: 100% natural beeswax, natural essential oil

Wick: multi-layer wooden

Aroma: warm, honey-woody [Texas cedar]

The intensity of the aroma: light

The diameter of the wax part: about 48 mm

Burning time: 18 hours each

Candle volume: about 100 ml each

Diameter: from 7 to 9 cm

Height: about 11 cm

Packing: branded box

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