A set of three spare cartridges for size S candles

A set of three cartridges for candles, with a wooden wick and a protective clay layer.  Only natural beeswax and essential oil.
Suitable for all S-size candles (about 48 mm in diameter) and the large Three-in-One candle.
Once your WOOD MOOD candle has run out, you can always insert a new wax cartridge. Choose a fragrance and order.

In an effort to make the product more sustainable and meet the demand of the audience, we have developed replaceable cartridges for our candles.
However, WOOD MOOD produces candles, not coasters, so we do not recommend recharging one of our candles more than 3 times. After all, wood decreases in size over time, and this can make it difficult to insert cartridges that are standardized in diameter. You can always use any other candles instead of our cartridges, choosing the right size and taking care of safety.

  • By Courier
  • Parcel locker (Paczkomat) next to your home

Composition: 100% natural beeswax, natural essential oil

Wick: multi-layer wooden

The intensity of the aroma: light

The diameter of the wax part: about 47 mm

Candle volume: about 95 ml

Burning time: 17 hours

Number of cartridges in the set: 3

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